Critical thinking



Online workshop


TU/e SkillsLab



Critical thinking can be very helpful for academics. By applying critical thinking you become more aware of information which can be used, for example, for discussions with team members. Critical thinking is an essential tool that helps to reflect on what is true and what really matters.

During this workshop you will actively engage with critical thinking and debating skills. You will practice with developing arguments, testing assumptions and recognizing and dealing with fallacies in reasoning. We will look at the question what constitutes a good argument and you will learn to ask relevant questions such as: What is true? What is valuable? What is relevant? You will learn how to spot gaps in any reasoning.

This training will be offered during an online Zoom training. The training will be interactive and requires a laptop and an internet connection. Before the training takes place, you will receive an invitation and instructions on how to use the digital meeting program selected.

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