Kunal Datta

I work on materials for solar cells and hope to get a PhD degree in the near future. When not nerding about in the lab, I could be found reading a seemingly serious book (these days it’s medicine and science in general), listening to some Fado, thanks to a recent trip to Portugal, or watching videos that dissect and analyze cinema and music. Being rather forgetful, I try to scribble in notebooks which I can’t find later.

When travelling, I carry a camera around and try tinkering with it but would love to receive formal training at some point. Other than the camera, very low tech otherwise. There is stuff I might pretend to know though, like the Star Wars movies (watched just two of them) or Harry Potter (read them in a weird order, and not all of them), or history and politics. At Cursor, I’d like to talk about things that may have caught my eye for a brief moment or ideas that I may have toyed with for years; we’ll see how it pans out.

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Kunal Datta


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