Limi Kalapurackal

I am a third-year Chemical engineering and Chemistry student from Austria (originally from India). I love Chemistry, but I also like to drift away from my academic field and engage in activities that enrich my other interests. That’s how I got to Cursor.

Writing for me is a way to express my emotions and opinions whether it’s in the form of a poem or a column. I hope to touch and inspire my readers by the words that I share which by the way, can also be heard on the ‘Radio 4 Brainport’ station (yes, I am an amateur radio jockey). Apart from that I love to travel and my interest for photography lines up well with that too. I try to lead a healthy life and you might see me running or just working out at the gym.

I am rather extroverted except for when it comes to dancing, in which case you will see me awkwardly standing in the corner. People say I am quite easy to talk to but I must warn you: I am very poorly updated on movies, TV series, music et cetera so that might be a hard one. 

However, if you do read one of my columns I’d truly appreciate feedback!

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Limi Kalapurackal


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