Sports spotlight | Isis’ favorite number is 69

The ice-skating association is also a great place for cycling, running and roller-blading enthusiasts

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Sports spotlight | Isis’ favorite number is 69

TU/e boasts a total of 38 student sports associations. And every one of them offers its own unique experience: from slamming aces to skimming across the water. At student sports center SSC, you get a wide range of options to choose from: gaming, jumping, running, cycling, rowing, flying, shooting, hanging, playing chess, surfing, punching and pushing. Cursor wants to put every one of these associations in the spotlight. The first question is “What is your favorite number?”

Warming up

Don’t think that Isis is only active in the winter. As soon as the ice of the outdoor rink at home base IJssportcentrum Eindhoven has melted, they put on their running shoes and bike helmets and grease up their roller-blade wheels. And the dedication of the Isis members pays off with victories in the Summer Cup: a competition won by one of the ten student ice-skating associations in the Netherlands when its members collectively cover the most kilometers by cycling, running and roller-blading. “We win it with flying colors every year,” says PR commissioner Lorenzo Klop, laughing.

Isis’ favorite number is 69, because 1969 is the year the association was founded. They didn’t give the name much thought back then – or rather, they did. “We were named after a company that produced drafting tables for architects and such. Drafting tables come with rulers, so they can draw straight lines. Drawing straight lines? That’s what we do too! On the ice. Hence the name.” That company went out of business decades ago, and Klop doesn’t know if it was ever a sponsor, but the name lives on.



There are 117 members. This is mainly thanks to the roller-blading workshop during the Intro and introductory ice-skating training sessions. Before that, membership stood at 83.

  • This is the 55th board. The slogan is Capilus Salon for the simple reason that all board members enjoy eating kapsalon.
  • There are 9 short trackers active at the moment. “It’s a pilot; this is the first year that we’ve been active at the indoor ice hockey rink. If it catches on, we’ll continue,” says Klop.
  • The club record for 700 meter ice-skating is 52.98 seconds, held by Colin Schrijver.
  • The club record for 300 meter ice-skating is 24.28 seconds, also held by Colin Schrijver. In fact, he is so good that, since he joined Isis, he has been the Dutch Student Ice-Skating Champion 11 times (out of 14 participations in the Dutch Student Championships (NSK)).
  • The ice skate sharpening device cost 3,500 euros.
  • The hour record at Isis is 103 laps of 400 meters. That’s 41.2 km/h! The record was set by Bavo Coremans.
  • They covered 58,500 km in the 2023 Summer Cup.
  • The Isis members completed 117,000 laps, a whopping 46,800 km on skates in 2022/2023.
  • So collectively, Isis members cover 105,300 kilometers in a year. That’s 2.5x around the equator (if there was ice there).


The ice skate sharpening device lives up to its name. It rounds the blades by sharpening them from toe to heel with a gigantic radius of 21 meters. Isis paid 3,500 euros for one 15 years ago, which turned out to be a good investment. “We sharpen everything ourselves and teach each other how to do it. With a sharpening block, sharpening stone, deburring stone and this sharpening device, we can handle any and all skates – now and in the future. We’re learning a true craft.”

Isis members all know each other and help each other out. When Klop wanted to start cycling, everyone was eager to lend him gear. One person gave him a bike, another a helmet. “We really care about each other.” Another thing they like to do is sing the Isis song together. After every tournament, it’s customary for all the associations to sing their club song (at the same time!). So of course, they try their hardest to stand out!

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