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  • How do I submit news items?

    Do you have news for Cursor? Let us know as soon as possible (About us)! We’d rather receive a dozen items we can’t use right away (although that’s rarely the case) than have you refrain from informing us about an award-winning professor or stirring changes within your department.

    In your e-mail to cursortuenl, make sure you tell us what the news is about, state event dates, the people involved, et cetera. And please add a contact and phone number.

    Are you interested in posting an announcement in Cursor magazine’s free section ‘university announcements’? E-mail your text (no more than 100 words) to universiteitsberichtentuenl.

  • Any input for background stories and sections in Cursor magazine?

    Cursor magazine features varied background stories, several sections, and staff and faculty interviews. We always try to be as current as possible. Do you have ideas for a story in Cursor magazine? Contact us!

    Are you a student studying or doing an internship abroad, or are you about to? We’d love to publish your contribution in our abroad section “Meanwhile in…”. Contact us at cursortuenl for more information.

  • What do you do with my ideas?

    Ideas are always more than welcome. However, the editorial staff decides whether or not ideas are useful and what means of communication will be used (website, magazine, FaceBook and/or twitter).

    The editorial staff makes a selection of the news, bearing in mind what items are the most interesting to the widest possible audience. There’s a lot going on at TU/e, which means we have to make choices. Therefore, it could happen we’re unable to grant your ‘wish’, or not until a later date.

    We work closely with TU/e’s press officers, and may discuss if items are suitable for publication outside university with them.

  • Care to share your opinion?

    We’d love to hear what you think! There’s a section in Cursor magazines reserved for your thoughts. Letters to the editors (no more than 250 words) can be sent to cursortuenl. The editorial staff decides what letters will be published and has the right to shorten or decline letters.

    Are you interested in expressing your opinion regularly, contact Cursor for more information about writing a column. At www.tue.nl/cursor, you can leave a comment with every news item, or you can share your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook.

  • Suggestions for improvement?

    We’re open to suggestions aimed at improving our products. Please contact us with any ideas you might have.