Mobility plan TU/e

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Mobility plan TU/e

TU/e wants to transform its campus into a sustainable campus of nationwide importance and of international standing. The campus will get the appearance of a ‘city park’ with an increasing focus on the quality of the outdoor environment. The Green Strip (a traffic-free green central area) plays an important role in this ambition.  

The current streetscape with parked cars does not correspond with the ambition of the TU/e to develop a city park. By ‘greening’ and making the campus more user friendly a large number of parking places will disappear, in the short and long term. TU/e wants employees to reconsider the way they commute: from January 2015 they have to pay a parking fee too: 2 euros a day.

More on mobility and parking

More information about the mobility plan can be found on the site of Real Estate Management.