Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send a news item to Cursor?

Do you have some news for Cursor? If so, pass it along to us as soon as possible (see colophon) even if you doubt whether it is useful (although it is rare for a piece to be entirely unpublishable). We would rather receive too much than too little news. If you refrain from sending us an item, we may fail to report, say, a decision taken in your Deparment that is playing on people's minds.

Your email to needs at any rate to include what the news is about, when it will occur, who it involves, etc. Please also give us a contact name and telephone number.

How can I submit an event to Cursor's online calendar?

Cursor has an online calendar that shows you where to go to and what to do for leisure activities. On our campus, within the Eindhoven student life and in and around Eindhoven city. You can also submit your own events to our calendar, please ask the editorial staff for a login.


I have a tip for a column. How can I let you know?

On our site you will find background stories on a wide range of subjects, various columns, and interviews with employees and students. We always try to be as up to date as possible. Do you have a tip for a story? If so, get in touch with us!

Are you a student currently living abroad for an internship or study program, or will you be setting off soon, if so we'd like to publish your contribution in our column about life abroad, "And how are things in...?"

For more information, get in touch via

What do you do with tips?

Tips are always more than welcome. It is up to the editorial team to decide whether they can use the tip and, if so, by which channel (website or social media channels).

The editorial team selects the news and finds out what would be of maximum interest to the maximum number of readers. A great deal happens at TU/e and so we have to make choices. It may be that we cannot accommodate your 'wish' or can do so only at a later stage.

We work closely with TU/e's press officers and can discuss with them whether news items are also suitable for releasing outside the university.

How can I express my opinion?

We are always keen to find out what you think! You can send us a letter (250 words maximum). The editorial team decides whether a letter will be published and retains the right to shorten your contribution as necessary or not to publish it.

If you would like to share your opinion with us more often, get in touch with us for more information about writing a column for us on a regular basis. Of course, you can always leave your reaction on our website under every news item, and you can respond via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How can I give my suggestions for improvement?

We are open to receiving feedback and tips for improving our journalism. Get in touch with us at and share your suggestions/tips.