Alumni Avenue geopend

Alumni Avenue opened

24 March 2016

A new ‘Walk of Fame’ is begun with the greatest stars – this may well have been what the Executive Board was thinking. In any case the prominent members of the exclusive alumni club Mens Agitat Molem had the honor yesterday of being the first ones to etch their names into the virginal glass of Alumni Avenue (the walkway between Matrix and MetaForum) by means of an engraver.

During the anniversary festival Dream & Dare from April 22 thru 24 all the alumni of TU/e can leave their names in the glass of the walkway. After this the idea is to make the engraving session part of the graduation ceremony.

Former Secretary of the University Harry Roumen in his capacity as chairman of the Advisory Board for TU/e alumni was the first one to leave his name and graduation year (1970) in the glass, by tracing the letters he had first written on the glass with a felt pen by means of an engraver. His example was followed by the members of Mens Agitat Molem that were present and the said Advisory Board.

There was a bit of squeezing involved in conquering a spot, as Faas Moonen – Associate Professor at Architecture, Building and Planning and alumnus -, who managed the proper progress of the project, had given permission for only two windows to be engraved. Moonen is satisfied with the first test. “It is turning out prettier than I had expected. If you know they´re there, you can see the names, but they don´t obstruct the view.”


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