En hoe is het in Wellington?

And how are things in Wellington?

23 June 2017

First things that came into mind thinking about New Zealand were beautiful rough nature and rugby, they have the best team of the world! That are actually the two things I enjoyed most so far besides studying for my master Innovation Sciences, it is still STUDYING abroad.

New Zealand is all the way on the other side of the world, a 24 hour flight, if you catch your plane. Unfortunately Thijs de Wilde (also Innovation Science student) and I missed our flight at Schiphol. Luckily we could have a flight a couple of hours later and thereby made it to New Zealand.

Then the start at Victoria University, which was also a bad start, the worst day at university so far. The enrolment for my courses was not completed. A number of persons tried to help me by sending me to other persons who might know more information. Finally I ended up waiting for meeting with a study advisor, while I was a little bit crying due to the stress, lack of sleep and something what is called a jetlag.

At the moment I’m really happy that I had that conversation, because now I have really interesting courses and that day made me aware of the mentality of Kiwis (as people from New Zealand are called). Kiwis are in general helpful, friendly, flexible and a bit layback type of persons. So I can align with the proverb “after rain comes sunshine”, what is related to my starting time here as well as the weather in Wellington, which can change really quick and therefore easily have four seasons in one day.

Furthermore I really enjoy my time here with some nice international flatmates and I learn to play better rugby with a great team. I discovered the country by tramping (hiking in rough country for multiple days) and travelled around the Southern Island during the Easter break. In general I learn a lot within as well as outside my classes. To finish off with a rugby quote in case you’re doubting about an international semester: “Give it a try




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