Aanschuiven bij Kerkstraat 34b

Dinner @ Kerkstraat 34b

18 March 2016

Cursor visits a studenthouse in Eindhoven every two weeks. The cooks reveal their secret recipes and we get to know the house and it's inhabitants. This time: Dinner @ Kerkstraat 34b.

What kind of house is this?
A mixed bag of seven boys and three girls, ranging from first-year to fourth-year students of various HBO institutions and TU/e, plus a graduate from the Academy for Physical Education inhabits the premises at Kerkstraat. They’re having a party tonight. “The clothes that we have made in accordance with the dress code 'Mermaid man' for the gents and ‘Mussel boys’ for the ladies, a DJ plus rack and nine fridges full of beer”, Marijn Kruijsse enumerates after having been asked what other preparations were made.

Are there any house rules?
“No smoking in the living-room”, is the first one Marijn mentions. “Do your house chores every week”, Dominique Fürst (a third-year student of Industrial Design) adds. “Which means cleaning the kitchen, the corridors and the bathroom, take out the garbage and glass and put out the waste paper.”

  • Photo | Bart van Overbeeke
  • Photo | Bart van Overbeeke

Recipe: pasta with vegetables and minced meat in tomato sauce

Bram Leunisse, a first-year student of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, is cooking pasta with whatever is on special offer that day, for 10 persons.

Fry 2 kilos of mixed minced meat
In another frying pan fry 300 grams of mushrooms, six pointed peppers cut into pieces and add 1 big bag of spinach
Cook 1.5 kg of penne
Stir 2 big jars of tomato sauce through the vegetable mix
Add 2 tins of tomato purée and a spoonful of Italian herbs.

Enjoy your meal

Are there any traditions?
“For the annual Christmas dinner - which we usually do not have until January - each duo cooks a dish”, says Koen Hofstraat (a first-year student of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences). “At World and European Championships we also watch football matches together via the beamer. Then we use beer creates to build a stand. Great fun”, says Marit Welten (a fourth-year student of Human Resource at Fontys).



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