Aanschuiven bij Sibeliuslaan 55

Dinner @ Sibeliuslaan 55

8 July 2016

Every two weeks Cursor visits a student house in Eindhoven every two weeks. The cooks reveal their secret recipes and we get to know the house and it's its inhabitantsresidents. This time it's Dinner @ Sibeliuslaan 55.

What are they eating?

“Not crisps again?” shouts the photographer. “No, it's a relatively healthy version of nachos,” replies cook Joost van den Boer (Master's student of Engineering) in his defense. Lots of beans, three whole peppers and only a little cheese; he is right. Joost likes to cook and, according to Melissa van de Steeg (alumna BMT and girlfriend of resident Laurent van den Bos, alumnus Applied Mathematics), he is the best cook. His specialty is risotto. House elder, but not the boss, Guus Bertens (alumnus Applied Physics) on the other hand is better at meat and two veg, and curry.

Best memory?

Jet Kooijman, Bachelor's student of Psychology & Technology, says the most entertaining thing that ever happened in this lounge was the joint birthday party for herself (20) and her boyfriend Thijs Ledeboer (22, fourth-year Computer Science & Engineering). “Thijs was given a folding beer pong table by the bar committee of GEWIS and Michael - who doesn't like beer but does like Apfelkorn - ended up pulling down his pants a couple of times. It seemed like he surprised himself as much as the rest of us because he kept saying each time, ‘Jet, I've pulled down my pants’.”

  • Photo | Rien Meulman
  • Photo | Rien Meulman

Recipe: Nachos (6 persons)

Fry 750 grams of minced meat, breaking it up with a fork as it cooks. Let it drain in a colander.

In the same pan, fry three onions and a traffic-light selection of peppers. Add the minced meat. Sprinkle on two packets of seasoning mix from Albert Heijn and two cans of chopped tomatoes.

Spread over two oven dishes: three cans of beans, for example black beans in chili sauce, chili beans and black-eyed beans. Top with two cans of corn, and, finally, the toeli (ask Laurent what this is). Seal with half a packet of Doritos fries and a little grated cheese.

20 minutes in the oven.

What do they think is the best thing about the house?

Jet would take the poster of Jägermeister if the house were on fire. Laurent says his favorite spot is the roof terrace. Joost really enjoys the sunset, and Guus says something touching: “the best thing about this house is my housemates.”

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