Aanschuiven bij Villa Kakelbont

Dinner @ Villa Kakelbont

7 April 2016

Cursor visits a studenthouse in Eindhoven every two weeks. The cooks reveal their secret recipes and we get to know the house and it's inhabitants. This time: Dinner @ Villa Kakelbont, Stratumseind 38a.

What makes living in this house fun?
“Stratumseind,” says Youri van Eijk, first-year Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, referring to the street itself, which is known for its nightlife. They don’t just live there, it’s where they go out every Thursday night. “Costa is popular,” says Job Nijhuis, another first-year Chemical Engineering and Chemistry student. “But mainly we check out the places with discounts, after all we see them during the day whenever we walk down the street,” says Laura Kuntze, second-year Applied Mathematics, the last person to come and live in the house. They have all enjoyed sharing a house for a year so far. “Cooking, eating, going out, hanging out in each other’s rooms, and cleaning whenever,” says Myrthe Oostenbrink, first-year Nursing, summing up their shared activities. For Lisa van Heyningen, first-year Built Environment, choosing Eindhoven has turned out well. “I’m really happy with the study program and my housemates.”

How did you all end up here?
“Through a realtor,” says Job. “Laura is the only one who had to ‘interview’ for a room. She beat eight other students, but now we'll be introducing a stricter selection process,” he laughs.

Do you already have traditions or house rules?
“We haven’t been living here long enough to have any real traditions,” says Job. “But if you ring the doorbell for no reason, you have to do what is called an 'adje trechten', which means downing a beer (adje) in one go via a funnel (trechter). The funnel was the mascot of a housemate of ours during the Introduction week,” he says in explanation.


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