'Eindhovense campussen profiteren van elkaars succes'

'Eindhoven campuses profit from each other’s success'

9 November 2015

TU/e and the High Tech Campus (HTC) Eindhoven are not at cross-purposes in any way whatsoever. This is asserted by Steef Blok, director of the TU/e Innovation Lab, and Bert-Jan Woertman, marketing director of the HTC. Indeed, they think that the two Eindhoven organizations profit from each other’s success. Blok: "Our joint goal is to make the region flourish."

In order to play a significant role in high-tech on a global scale, it is of the essence to join forces within the Netherlands wherever this is possible. In the report entitled 'R&D goes Global' the Rathenau Institute makes out a case for more coordination between the different research centers in order thus to maintain the Netherlands’ competitive position.

Bert-Jan Woertman from the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Steef Blok from the TU/e Innovation Lab emphasize that for the two Eindhoven campuses such cooperation has been self-evident for a long time already. Blok: “Our joint goal is to make the region flourish. TU/e focuses on the startup campus, while the HTC focuses on the growing technology companies. An example in kind is Smart Photonics, a spin-off of TU/e which will also be located on the HTC. For Smart Photonics that is the best place to grow, so why should we as shareholder keep this company on the TU/e campus?”

Woertman refers to the intensive interaction between both campuses. “We supplement one another both structurally and on an occasional basis. All those mutual contacts are resulting in more and more hustle and bustle on both sides. The cooperation keeps attracting new activities time and again.”

Hence the TU/e campus and HTC are not at cross-purposes in any way whatsoever, Blok and Woertman say in unison. Thereby also distancing themselves from the allegations expressed recently by director René Buck from Buck Consultants towards De Ingenieur. In his opinion the two campuses are competing due to a lack of focus and are stealing a march on each other.

“On the contrary”, Woertman assures us resolutely. “The university and we profit from each other’s success. It is the very way in which we work that benefits business in the Netherlands.”

Source: e52.nl.


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