TU/e Contest: “Gaten schieten in het wolkendek”

‘GardenGarten’ and ‘T.E.S.T’. win TU/e Contest

18 May 2016

Tuesday 17 May was the grand final of the TU/e Contest: the innovation contest for students at TU/e. The annual contest is a collaboration between the university and more than twenty leading companies and organizations in the Brainport region. The ‘GardenGarten’ of Michael Verhage and ‘T.E.S.T’ of the team of Boris Arts were the eventual winners, receiving a check from Jan Mengelers, president of the TU/e Executive Board, to kick-start their innovations.

The TU/e Contest is aimed at challenging students to develop their innovative idea or prototype into a commercially viable product. Of the 183 ideas submitted in all, the best 20 ideas competed in the final for that much sought-after title. In the judging a distinction was made between the categories ‘idea’ and ‘prototype’.

Michael Verhage, student of Applied Physics, came up with the idea of the ‘GardenGarten’: this is a closed and fully controlled environment in which every household can grow its own vegetables and fruit. Boris Arts, student of Biomedical Engineering, and his team developed ‘T.E.S.T.’: this mobile application allows kidney patients to monitor their kidney activity at home.

The winners were selected by a jury of experts comprising Jan Mengelers and representatives of organizations like Brunel, Accenture, Brightlands, KIC InnoEnergy, ASML, FEI Company, VDL, Medtronic and the Ministry of Defense. In addition to receiving a sum of money, the students will be able to count on support from the TU/e Innovation Lab and a workspace at the High Tech Campus so that they can develop their innovations further.

Source: TU/e press team

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