InMotion verpulvert elektrisch ronderecord Zandvoort

InMotion smashes electric track record at Zandvoort

4 June 2017

InMotion, the student team from TU/e and Fontys, has taken the track record for electric vehicles at Circuit Park Zandvoort. In the capable hands of racing driver Beitske Visser, IM/e completed the circuit in 1.48,371, an improvement of over 16 seconds. A top speed of 240 kilometers per hour was recorded.

The old record, which the IM/e of InMotion pulverized this weekend, was also held by a student team. In December 2015 the Delft team Forze H2 posted a time of 2.04,519 with their Forze VI.

This is a sweet success for InMotion, which for some time now has been chasing the record at the dune-side circuit. After a difficult period, the team got its car up and running in February, and has now achieved the first important milestone in the Road to Le Mans challenge. During the Jumbo Race Days - two weeks before the record attempt - the team already completed a couple of laps on the circuit for the first time, but made no serious attempt to post the fastest time.

The track record at Germany's Nürburgring, which the team has always cherished, is not currently on the to do list. Team spokesperson Arthur van der Werf says, “At the moment the car is not capable of sustaining the speed necessary to achieve a fast lap time over the 20.8 kilometer Nordschleife (North Loop)”. In practice a fast lap time involves not one but three circuits: one to get out of the pits and warm up the tires, a timed lap, and a lap to get back to the pits. “What's more it is very difficult to book practice time there.”

If the team has any say in the matter, this won't be the last track record InMotion achievea. “For the time being we intend to focus on this region: Zolder, Assen and possibly the F1 circuits Spa Francorshamps and Silverstone. Nothing is set in stone, but that's what we are working on right now.”

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