Intro '17 | Snowboarden, paaldansen en kanoën op de Green Strip Market

Intro '17 | Snowboarding, pole dancing and canoeing on the Green Strip Market

22 August 2017

Is it going to be the basketball club? Or the pole dancing club after all? Or perhaps the Japanese cultural association or the drama club? There is so much to choose from this afternoon on the Green Strip Market, where dozens of associations and agencies are presenting themselves to best advantage.

A folder here, a chat there, making a photo, but it is especially by taking part in activities that the Intro kids are getting to know the many cultural, sportive, study-related associations and clubs from TU/e or related to it. There is so much that can be done: score in a football goal, shooting balls into a korf or a basket, or climbing a wall, boxing, Twister, shuffleboard, fencing, table tennis, you name it.

Most associations cannot complain about a lack of interest. As is true also for student pole dancing club Blue, where various committee members are showing their skills in a range of positions – using both the designated poles for this and lampposts. Admittedly, the latter is rather more difficult.

Members Vincent Huisman and Robin Kwant have already been involved in helping lots of students climb the poles. Still, it is by no means easy to persuade male students, says Huisman. “Apparently they do not find it masculine enough. However, when I tell them that you really need to be strong and that it is comparable to what gymnast Epke Zonderland does, albeit in a position with a quarter turn, they do take a different view.”

Biomedical Engineering students Mike Albertz, Micha Lipplaa and Wai Keungliu (from group Schnell, “no, not ‘Snel, but ‘Schnell’, the German spelling. Because of our ‘snelle’ sunglasses”) also “prefer to leave the pole dancing to others”. Meanwhile they are on the Fontys lawn, after having looked at and taken part in lots of things, but they have not decided yet whether they really want to join a club or association. Mike: “I’m going to buy a sports card, but first I need to find out how much time my study is going to take.”

In MetaForum association in formation Salaam (Islamic. Academic. Pragmatic.) is attracting lots of curious students. And they are definitely not just students interested in Islam, as the committee members explain. “Everybody is interested in particular because we are a newcomer, they want to know who we are and what we’re going to do”, says the chairman. One of the goals aimed at by the association is to promote the interests of the Muslim community at TU/e, to show newcomers the way and to build a bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims. 

After this inspirational afternoon it is time for a barbecue.

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