Living on Campus | “Denemarken verschilt niet zoveel van Nederland”

Living on Campus | “Denmark isn't so different from the Netherlands”

20 February 2017

On the 11th floor of Luna lives Christian Sivertsen (25), Master's student of Industrial Design. His roots lie in Denmark, where he gained his Bachelor's of Digital Media and Design at the IT University Copenhagen. He is interested in the field of interaction design.

After completing his Bachelor's, Christian started a Master's in Digital Media and Communication in Denmark. But he found the program too similar to his Bachelor's and after the first year he decided to quit. His professors in Denmark advised him to go and study at TU/e.

At the end of August he was able to move into his room in Luna. Since he had arrived in the Netherlands back in early August, he spent his first three weeks here living in a shared apartment on the Bomansplaats.

It was very easy for him to adjust to life in Eindhoven. “It felt just like being at home.” Denmark isn't so different from the Netherlands, says Christian. The Dutch mentality is similar to the Danish mindset, he confirms. Nor is life in the two countries very different.

In Denmark people celebrate 'Fastelavn'. This is celebrated in the same month as Carnival in the Netherlands. It is a past tradition. Today's it is only an activity for children, he says. “Children dress up as Superman, a princess or cowboy and hit barrels with a stick until the sweets inside fall out. Traditionally a black cat was put in a barrel and the barrel was hit to chase away evil spirits.”

In his leisure time he goes to the Student Sports Center to break-dance or practice the martial art of capoeira. He is really enjoying living in Luna; the building has everything he needs. “The best thing about my room is the magnificent sunsets.” It would be fantastic, he feels, if there were a small bar on the campus where you could meet international and Dutch students doing other studies than your own.

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