Living on campus | Alleen wonen, is dat niet eng?

Living on campus | Home alone: isn't it scary?

12 July 2017

“Some students never really learn to be on their own,” Maria says, reflecting on her own journey from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. Maria Scholten (21) is currently studying a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Technology, and is the chairperson of We Know You Know, the oldest sorority in Eindhoven. For about two years she shared a student house with five Dutch girls. After always being surrounded by her housemates, cooking together and never lacking company, she bravely moved to Aurora to live on her own.

She was so used to constantly having company that it wasn't until she was living in Aurora that she realized the importance of spending time alone. “I just cook for one person now, which is a bit tricky, but having my own kitchen allows me to experiment with new recipes,” Maria says while talking about her passion for cooking. She explains how her studio has become the place where she enjoys some peace and quiet after a stressful day at university.

As the student volunteer for the residents, Maria gives us a glimpse of her day. “In the morning I wake up, go downstairs and talk to some people," she says. "Just yesterday, I had such a nice and unexpected conversation with a Ukrainian girl about the education system in Netherlands versus Ukraine.” Maria feels that being around so many international students exposes her to new perspectives on life and reveals new aspects of life to her.

When asked about how living on campus has affected her social life, Maria laughs and says, “I find it doesn’t really matter where you live. I already connected with people big time before moving here.” She believes that TU/e offers very many opportunities to make new friends, such as associations, SSC and even project groups. “There are many occasions for students to connect with other people but they need to take the initiative,” she says.

Being a very active and social person, Maria recalls that when she moved from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, she was slightly scared because she had never spent much time on her own. But now, after moving twice in two years and living alone on campus, that's changed. “I am not afraid. I will always be able to find my way. I am happy being alone and around people,” she says proudly.

Her advice to you and every other student is this: “It is necessary to learn to take care of other people but don’t forget yourself.” Her journey has made her realize how important it is to take some time for yourself, to relax, to forget about making other people happy for a while, and to just enjoy your own company.

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