Muziek op de Dommel in Spaanse sferen

Music on the Dommel strikes a Mediterranean note

6 June 2017

You could listen to a symphony orchestra or a solo piano while watching the river flow by. To a chamber orchestra while hearing the rustling of the wind. You could watch soprano Anna Emelianova and catch sight of children playing, or affectionate couples. Sitting on a concert chair or lying on your own picnic blanket. In short, from June 2 through 4 it was once again Music on the Dommel.

The same formula was followed as in previous years: a wide range of musical ensembles took to various stages to perform their classical arts. The main stage on the bridge over the Dommel was set up for the fourth time; the first four editions of Music on the Dommel were held near the Van Abbe Museum. As before, the stalls of a culture market stood in the KOE field together with plenty of eateries and picnic tables, and on Sunday little ones had the chance to try out instruments during the traditional children's afternoon.

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