Beveiliging druk met opstartproblemen betaald parkeren

Security preoccupied with paid parking teething troubles

16 April 2015

License registration failure, license plates that are not recognized at the boom barriers, and regular campus card issues: these are some of the teething troubles of the paid parking system at TU/e. Safety & Security received over two hundreds questions a day about the new system that was implemented on April 15. The service expects to have solved most issues by this week.

According to Mirjam Jahnke, head of Safety & Security, license recognition is not yet flawless for various reasons. “Registration was an issue for some. Some people entered the number of their old card instead of that of the new campus card, and they had difficulty entering their date of birth correctly.”

Not all license plates are being recognized either, says Jahnke, even though they have all been registered. The alternative, the campus card, works upon entering campus, but leaving is an issue. “Staff that can’t exit receive a card from a security member or can pick one up at Laplace. The supplier has been contacted on how to solve these issues as soon as possible.”

Cards are sometimes linked to the wrong person. Jahnke expects a solution to that issue within a few days. The alternative for paid parking TU/e offers are hit and miss. “So far, 269 employees have indicated they want an NS business card, and there are a little more people who take the bus these days”, says Jahnke. And 34 e-bikes have been sold via the supplier TU/e works with.

Cars can park for free at MMS grounds. Last Thursday around 9 a.m., we counted thirteen cars and two bicycles. Last Wednesday morning, external security  counted 22 cars until ten thirty a.m.

The next Cursor (April 30)  will include a background story on the introduction of paid parking.

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