Handtekening TU/e-afstudeerders blijvend in glas op loopbrug

Signatures TU/e graduates etched in windows overpass

5 January 2016

TU/e alumni will soon be able to leave their footprint of sorts on campus. The idea is for graduates to be allowed to etch their names in the glass windows of the overpass between MetaForum and Matrix. The first opportunity to do so will be in late April during the three-day Dream and Dare Festival, an event marking the university's sixtieth anniversary.

It might remind you of the 'Leiden sweatbox', the renowned room in the Auditorium of Leiden University where newly-grads have been signing the walls for decades.

TU/e liked the idea of a similar tradition, says Elphi Nelissen, dean at Built Environment and chairwoman of the anniversary committee. “We've been looking for a way to express the connection between the university and our alumni physically, so nobody will really leave even after having graduated.”

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