Windtunnel moet in oktober operationeel zijn

Wind tunnel should be operational in October

9 March 2017

On the east side of the TU/e grounds a site is being prepared for construction. This is where the wind tunnel belonging to the Department of the Built Environment will be erected. Bert Blocken, Professor of Building Physics, hopes to be able to conduct the first tests in October of this year.

Commercially, Bert Blocken sees opportunities primarily with regard to architectural projects, in the maritime sector, and for aerodynamic research related to sporting performance. With his earlier research on the influence of wind on cyclists, he has already built himself a reputation. Another current prospect, Blocken says, is research in the world of ice skating.

Plans for a wind tunnel on the TU/e grounds have been around for a while. Initially, the chosen site for the structure was right next to Vertigo, the home of the Department of the Built Environment, but it wasn't long before the east side of the TU/e grounds won favor.


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