TU/e researchers of microfluidics join forces

TU/e research groups in the field of microfluidics want to join forces. With a new group dubbed ‘Microfluidics at TU/e’ they’re hoping to be able to share facilities more easily as well as engage in collaborations more often.

Microfluidics involves the analysis and manipulation of fluid flows on a microscale, smaller than one millimeter. It makes up the science and technology behind many applications, especially in the field of chemistry, biology and medicine. Researchers at various TU/e departments (Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, and Chemical Engineering) are either working on or working with this area of science.

The groups do already work together, but prof.dr.ir Jaap den Toonder, part-time professor of Microfluidics Technology at Mechanical Engineering and of the initiators of ‘Microfluidics @ TU/e’, is convinced they can do better. “Within our department, we’re working on the development of manufacturing technologies, and there are other groups at other departments that are working on applications that may be realized using those technologies. There’s quite some common ground, but groups don’t necessarily know what other groups are doing right now.”

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