Man dead after fall from Potentiaal

TU/e security found a dead body on the walkway between Potentiaal and the Laplace building around 7am this morning. Spokesperson for the Executive Board Barend Pelgrim says the deceased was an international PDEng at Electrical Engineering (EE). Forensics have determined it was suicide. He jumped from the fourteenth floor of Potentiaal. An investigation on when the young man could have jumped is ongoing. This morning Potentiaal was closed to the public, but has since been reopened.

Those who arrived on campus early this morning noticed police and firemen, and saw Potentiaal cordoned off with a red-and-white police line. A TU/e-employee noticed the parts of the ceiling of the walkway had come off, says spokesperson for the Executive Board Barend Pelgrim. Guards then checked video footage, and so found the man. He opened a window in the coffee room on the fourteenth floor of Potentiaal, and jumped. According to Pelgrim, his time of death has not yet been determined. Since relatives and direct colleagues have not yet been notified, further information about the victim’s identity cannot be released yet.

Students and staff weren’t allowed inside Potentiaal this morning, and were taken to the Auditorium instead, where the Executive Board and Alfons Bruekers (Managing Director at EE) informed those present about the incident. They let everyone know that should anyone want to talk to someone, they can visit one of the psychologists at the Education and Student Service Center. Potentiaal is now open to the public once more, but the walkway remain closed until the damage has been repaired.

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