And how are things in Aguascalientes?

Mexico, the country that most people know for its tequila, taco’s, narco’s and corruption. But Mexico is so much more! I decided to study half a year in Aguascalientes, a medium sized city in the heart of Mexico. In Eindhoven I study applied mathematics, but here I’m taking courses in industrial engineering and financial mathematics.

While I’m writing this, my finals will be in only a week! This is both sad and exciting. It is sad because it means my time here is coming to an end and it’s almost time to go back to the Netherlands.. And I could stay here for many months more! Because ohh Mexico is such a beautiful and diverse country! I’m also very excited because after my finals I have almost two months left to travel and to explore this amazing country. And there is sooo much to see and explore here.

The university where I study is called Tec de Monterrey and it has campuses all over Mexico. Tec works very closely with several companies in the region of every campus. This makes studying here quiet divers. Due to the corporation with companies from the region, you will be doing real problems and projects from these companies. There are also many congresses and trips to companies.

But it is not the university that makes my time here amazing. It are the people, the culture, the traveling and the participation in the daily life. The people are so warm and the country is incredibly beautiful. Life here can be tough sometimes.. This because Mexico is still a country with a huge difference between rich and poor. It puts what you have and your own problems in a totally different perspective.

Explore this beautiful country by yourself and I’m sure you will fall in love with it the same way as I did! In the end you probably don’t want to go back to the Netherlands anymore

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