Largest game of Tetris ever impresses

A crowd had gathered at dusk last Monday to see the ‘largest game of Tetris ever’ being played on the facade of Potentiaal. Study association Thor already made it into the Guinness Book of World Records on December 1, when the extraordinary creation was stretched out horizontally on the MetaForum market hall.

The purple blocks drop dozens of meters from the top of Potentiaal. An old arcade machine featuring an actual joystick controls the game. Executive Board member Jo van Ham officially started the game. In his speech he said this edition is even better and more challenging than the one that failed due to technical issues. He also complimented the student community on their world-record achievements in all kinds of areas.

The giant Tetris game can be admired on the facade of Potentiaal again today from 5pm. Those who’d like to give a game of ‘high-level’ Tetris a try are free to do so. Thor used 3,200 LEDs for the framework, the same number of ping pong balls cut in half to use as little lampshades (to diffuse the light), 400 meters of PVC pipes, and over three kilometers of electricity cables.

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