STW design award for festival pavilion TU/e student

180 Doors from TU/e's Hoofdgebouw were reused for the SummerLabb pavilion created by Built Environment student Floor van Schie. The sustainable construction was revealed at dance event Extrema Outdoor last weekend, and on Friday, Van Schie was awarded the first STW Design Award.

Initiator Jan Douwe Kroeske (most well-known for his TV and radio shows) says SummerLabb wants to make visitors of festivals and events "feel, taste and smell the future" interactively. SummerLabb started out as Llowlab at Lowlands: universities, knowledge institutes, and businesses showcase all kinds of sustainable innovations in a pavilion especially designed for the occasion.

This year's pavilion has been named City of the Future, and was designed by student of Built Environment Floor van Schie. Fellow students Alice Janssen and Marthe Doornbos helped her with the realization of the building. The pavilion at Extrema is made up of twelve small houses at different levels, made from all kinds of sustainable materials, ranging from recycled garden chairs and discarded plastic toys, to several kinds of wood.

It wasn't just the SummerLabb pavilion that featured at the dance event: TU/e had also installed an interactive LED wall and dance floor at Extrema Outdoor, both designed at the department of Industrial Design.

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