Institutional audit OK’d by NVAO

Last week, the Executive Board announced that the board of NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders) has approved of the institutional quality assurance assessment. The final advisory report is largely the same as the findings of the assessment committee that visited TU/e late last year.

“Although we expected everything to be fine, it’s still a good feeling to receive the acknowledgement from NVAO by mail”, says Rector Hans van Duijn. He was relieved five months ago as well, when the accreditation committee informed him they were to leave a positive advice with the board of NVAO.

It’s been pointed out that because of the many educational developments, and the increased number of new students, it’s important to measure the workload. Van Duijn agrees. “We’re already checking with departments to that end. We’re also monitoring what departments see the steepest student increase, and should that last we’ll earmark extra funds for more lecturers. After all, departments often reap the rewards of growth only after several years.”

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