And how are things in Melbourne?

This year Melbourne has been elected world’s most livable city for the fourth time in a row. On top of that Melbourne does very well in the list of world’s best student cities, and I have the privilege to call myself a habitant of this beautiful city for six months and experience in real life what exactly that means!

Since July I am doing and exchange Industrial Design here at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Besides the RMIT there are three more universities in Melbourne. The student population numbers to about 18,9000, of whom one-third is from overseas (Australians are hard to find here). Nevertheless, the Australian culture is very noticeable, everything is being done with a relaxed Australian pace. 15 minutes late for class?? ‘No worries mate’ you’re well on time!

Melbourne is a huge city, there is always something to do, and the people here are very friendly and helpful. Up till now my studies also have been very pleasant and I will finish my semester in four weeks. I can’t wait to (continue) travelling through Australia after that!

Besides studying the whole experience around an exchange is also a very valuable! I made friends from over the whole world, Mexico, Guatemala, US, Europe, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Korea and so on. Thanks to my friends I have learned much about the world and many different cultures. In my spare time I try to see as much as possible from Australia and to participate in a lot of parties. One disadvantage of Australia: Alcohol is very expensive… Luckily the Aldi sells 4L vacuum packages of Goon (cheap wine) for only 8 dollars (good for great parties and terrible hangovers).

I would advise everyone to go abroad for a longer period of time. It’s not always easy but definitely a beautiful and meaningful experience that you will never forget.

I wonder what the next few months will bring me!

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