Software bug reason for faltering parking system

The system that is supposed to indicate the number of free parking spaces at the various parking lots on campus doesn’t work properly. After several weeks, the supplier discovered a software issue, and has fixed the problem since. The system will be implemented anew this weekend.


The parking information system should have been working since last April. After a two-week test period that started on April 15 -along with the implementation of paid parking- it was clear the parking space counts were off, says head of Safety & Security Mirjam Jahnke.

Next week, both security and the supplier will check if everything works properly. Because of (national) holidays, it has taken quite a while before it was clear what the exact issues were.

Jahnke also explains the problems they encountered upon implementation of paid parking have been largely resolved by now. “It works fine for 98 percent of users. Some people have structural problems: one day the system does read their license plate, and another day it doens’t. Next week, we’ll try and figure out what’s wrong in these specific cases exactly. Maybe it’s the license plate, maybe the driver should drive a little further, or maybe it’s something else entirely.”

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