And how are things in California?

It was an unforgettable experience: a six-month internship at UC Davis and Efficient Drivetrains Inc. I did my internship under Professor Andrew Frank, who is also known as the father of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Of all the university's campuses, the University of California at Davis, known as UC Davis, is the biggest. This is a university town and the campus is a dominant presence. When I first arrived, I was amazed to see various departments and different streams like Engineering, Law, Medical and Management all in one place. Part of UC Davis is also located in Sacramento, which is the capital of California.

California! Just hearing the name, makes you smile and feel warm! What’s it known for? It is among the top states in the US for entertainment. It is also known for Silicon Valley; lots of IT companies are established in the Northern California region.

California also is the birthplace of TESLA, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer. As I am from the Automotive group, I found my visit to the TESLA Factory very exciting. I also got a chance to visit the Formula E-Prix in Long Beach, Los Angeles County. It was really cool to see electric cars gearing so fast.

California is a place where you can enjoy a range of climates, from hot sun and dry desert to cold winds, rain, and snow. What's more, it's a party place! I had lots of fun there in the US. San Francisco is the best place to go on the weekend. Los Angeles is another beautiful city; it's located in Southern California. In California you can find a variety of populations including lots of Mexicans, Chinese, Indians and other Asians.

If you are Asian, you will not feel lonely because California is full of Asians. So it is easy to get Asian food. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are lots of restaurant chains around.

I would say that like the rest of Europe, the Netherlands has the best public transportation system, do not expect this in the US. It is convenient to have a vehicle of your own.

The United States is a very big country with lots of opportunities as well as a great deal of fun to offer.

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