Intro ’17 | Group ‘124’ steals the show

Day four has begun and by now the Intro is taking its toll. This causes such a shortage of people in groups ‘1’ and ‘24’ of Biomedical Engineering that it is decided to join the two clubs. And what do you get then? Exactly: 1 + 24 = 124.


Intro daddy Koen (origin: group 24) explains on Thursday morning how events have unfolded. The groups at BMT were small anyhow, counting only six kiddos. “Now one of us is at home hanging over the toilet bowl all the time with the runners, one had to go home temporarily due to family circumstances. And just now Kyra has defected to another group, but I’m sure she’s going to come back again.” 

The main reason for merging the two groups, though, is the light concussion that has temporarily disabled ‘daddy bear’ Colin of group 1. “My knee hit my face”, he says apologetically. It happened on Wednesday when he tried to do a somersault on the inflatable air-tumbling track of the gymnastic society. Today he has already joined the group again: “Sleep I can catch up on next week.”

After three short nights (estimated hours of sleep: ten altogether) the Biomedical Engineering group has clearly attained the liberal mental state so typical of the final days of the Intro. Hardly a sensible word can be heard anymore and the kiddos need very little incitement to demonstrate the quaintest group games.

Like the caterpillar, for instance. And mummy bear Marieke (origin: group 1) enthusiastically informs us that she has set up a new committee together with Koen: the Tricks Committee. To illustrate what that means, together they immediately show an acrobatic trick. 

Since there is no such thing as coincidence, during the interview the prizes (tiny cups) are presented to the BMT groups that have amassed the most points in the games over the past few days - such as belly sliding and the traditional fashion line - of study association Protagoras. Lo and behold: it turns out that group ‘124’ has won!

Marieke resolutely denies any suggestion that this may be due to the fact that the points scored by both groups have been added up. “Surely they will have come up with this result by calculating the average.”

Carrying Marieke on his neck Koen then has to blare the Protagoras song into the megaphone - background vocals being added by dozens of Intro kids - while stealing a look at the text in the program. The song passes into a taunting song about the mechanical engineers (fellow occupants of Gemini). Out of reverence for the latter we are not divulging any specifics regarding the lyrics of the song, but it was something to do with bicycle repairmen…

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