Intro '17 | In equilibrium and out of balance

“Hey, look out, you’re throwing me off my balance”, one Intro kid suspended from a rope stretched across the river Dommel is shouting to another Intro kid on the other side of the rope who just cannot keep his balance. A little later the other one can sample the Dommel water at very close range - he takes a dive. A bit farther on the lawn students are also trying to achieve some equilibrium, but in an entirely different manner. They are taking part in the Relaxation workshop given by ideological organization TINT.


“You really need to lie on the rope”, is the recommendation that can be heard from the bank. Trembling, the boy tries to shift his balance. He moves over a bit too far, and before he knows it he is dangling from the rope. After covering a few more centimeters, he cannot escape plunging into the water.

Outdoor Sport Club All Terrain certainly has not made life easy on today’s participants with the Obstacle Run around the river Dommel. Students are forced to walk on and between ropes, clamber across a net, crawl over ropes and through tires.

Over a distance of almost one hundred meters, students are trying to maintain their equilibrium in a totally different way, or to gain some equilibrium. Things are looking cozy in the tent on the lawn, with some twenty students lounging about. They are all there to relax, to come to their senses again.

In short: calmly regain one’s balance in the Intro week which is hectic and crammed with activities. The TINT workshop is all about mindfulness and learning to unwind. Of course, getting some shuteye for an hour in between activities is possible as well.

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