TU/e festival cup gets the thumbs up

The Plugged Festival showcased on Thursday not only a range of up-and-coming bands, but also the 'TU/e Festival Cup'. The reusable festival beaker, introduced by the GO Green Office, made its debut in the market hall at MetaForum.

photo Niels Dusseldorp

Almost every change presents potential difficulties, every new start carries an element of risk - and the launch of the TU/e Festival Cup was no exception. Because however adamant the sustainability brigade at the GO Green Office might be about the disadvantages of 'disposable' items and the need for and usefulness of recycling - at the end of the day the users have to share their conviction.

Armed with his camera, our reporter Niels Dusseldorp toured the festival to count the thumbs up (and down) given by visitors. 

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