Hypar: the gateway to GLOW

For four days already the Hypar installation by TU/e student team IGNITE has been a glittering presence in Eindhoven's Markt as part of GLOW, the festival of light art. Thousands of people have been introduced to this interactive work of light art produced by the student team.

Milou Weerts, facility manager for student team IGNITE, a collaboration between study associations Lucid and CHEOPS, can be found with her team at their installation in the market square every day. “We usually make a start at about 5 p.m., removing the fencing that surrounds Hypar during the daytime, testing the sound.” Every day at 6.30 p.m. the GLOW show gets underway and the IGNITE team is on guiding duty, provides explanation, and ensures that visitors get the best possible experience of Hypar.

A minor hitch: only two of the installation's four interactive modules are currently working. “We hope to have all four working again by Wednesday or Thursday; that will boost the interaction a little since you can have four people influencing the sound and light simultaneously,” explains Weerts.

Their project is drawing very positive responses. “Someone asked, on their way here from the station, whether we were the gateway to GLOW, says Weerts. We hadn't thought of it like that.” She estimates that thousands of people have already visited their installation. “It was really busy at the weekend, people were standing in line to see the installation. Then visitors can do no more than give a quick swipe before moving along. When it is quieter, we have time to offer some explanation. If you want to take photos, tonight will be a good night. As the weekend approaches it tends to get busier. My advice to everyone is, come along and see it while you still can!”

Light art festival GLOW can be seen up to and including Saturday November 16th in Eindhoven city center. Hypar is located in the middle of the market square. The pedestrian route is open from 18.30 hrs until 23.00 hrs.

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