Are you going to help clean up during Studium Generale’s Green Week?

There are many fine ideas to help make TU/e a bit more sustainable. You can clean up the garbage on campus - or your own wardrobe - or become aware of the ecological riches around here. For Studium Generale in any case, this week is all about sustainability. For a large number of other organizations as well by the way, because it just so happens that next Thursday is Sustainability Day at educational institutions.

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Studium Generale and GO Freen Office have joined forces and came up with lots of ‘positive activities’ to focus attention on sustainability. Student Bas Turk of GO Green Office explains: “It started with the idea for a clothing swap, but quickly evolved into a Green Week filled with practical idealism. We don’t want to focus on problems, but present solutions instead.”

One way to improve the world is to create less waste, for example. You can throw out that pair of pants that has become too tight, but you can also swap it for a shirt. For that, you go to the Clothing Swap on Thursday. You can donate your usable clothes around lunchtime in the hall of Atlas, and then you will receive a receipt with which you can choose an equal number of clothing items a few hours later.


On Tuesday, the Campus Clean-Up will take place. Bas: “The idea is to collect litter along the Dommel and around MetaForum, Ceres and Gemini. Think of plastic bottles, cigarette buds and packaging material.” GO Green Office will provide recyclable gloves, and old boxes and plastic bags will be used instead of new garbage bags. Cigarette buds will be disposed of in buckets. Participants can assemble between Atlas and MetaForum at 12:30 hrs. “If enough people show up, we will also get to work at Aurora, where garbage bags are often left lying around when the containers are full. Sometimes, the wind blows the trash away,” Bas says.

Harold Appelo will provide a cheerful excursion. The ecologist will show you the various ecological riches on campus during a two-hour trip through the terrain. Don’t forget to sign up, because taking a walking tour when the group is too large isn’t much fun. Instead of playing the same movie three times, as is common practice, the Zwarte Doos will play three different movies this week, selected by SG: De Wilde Stad, The Biggest Little Farm, and Tales of the City.


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