The Hot Seat | “I’ll graduate before I get fed up with studying”

Reijn van den Burg doesn’t think of himself as a typical 'Bouwko' (Built Environment student), he says. He has more to offer: active for Demos, founder of fraternity Adregé, former member of Groep-één, student representative of project group Student Housing Eindhoven. He is too busy to play his accordion and saxophone, but he’ll find time for that later. He just needs to graduate first.

What mistake do you repeat over and over?

“Things take me more time than I anticipated. This means that I have to hurry at the last moment, which leads to stress. Incidentally, I get increasingly better at controlling that stress by focusing on one thing. I’ve learned that nothing happens faster when I’m stressed out. I often get endlessly involved in the things I like and postpone the things I don’t like. For example, I postpone writing a report and go on with my research. But it has to be done eventually. As part of my graduation project I do research on how the city of Den Bosch should deal with monuments if it wants to make the neighborhood ‘t Zand natural gas free. I better start writing that report in time.”

Do you believe in luck, or is everything a choice?

“Interesting question. People are planners or explorers. I’m unquestionably a planner when it comes to short-term goals; I have to be because there are a lot of things I like and that I like to do. When I was a member of surfing association Weth, I never went along on spontaneous trips when the winds were favorable because I had always planned something. I was present at the planned weekends however - we also like to call them ‘weekends without wind.’ When it comes to the long term, I’m an explorer, without a doubt. I’d rather change my course than outline a path beforehand. Happily, I don’t know where I will have ended up ten years from now. I would like to stay in the Eindhoven area because I feel comfortable here, but should my girlfriend Sophie’s urban planning specialization take her to a different place, I’ll follow her. Have I mentioned already how wonderful she is?”

What has the voice in your head been saying lately?

“That it’s about time I finish my studies. I was never lazy, but I’ve been here for quite some time now, since 2010, when I started at Industrial Design. When I wanted to switch to Built Environment it was wise to wait a bit longer until the Bachelor College was properly set up. Someone once gave me the advice to graduate before I got fed up with studying. There’s just enough time.”

What brings out your inner child?

“Music. I can easily lose myself in music. I don’t have to think about the rest of the world, like a child, and I’ll forget everything, my age for instance. I really like parties with people over the age of forty. I grew up in a family where my father constantly listened to classical music, mostly Bach, that’s why I’m not so used to listening to lyrics. That stays with you. I don’t like Hiphop at all. But the rhythm and melody of Supertramp and Madness make me really happy. I went to the concert of Madness and UB40 on Strijp-S last year, it was great.”

What do your friends appreciate about you?

“My unbridled enthusiasm and my role as initiator. I go all out for something. I founded fraternity Adregé when I was at Demos, it’s located partly in the Beaufort residence on Strijp-S. I also designed the logo, the gavel and the fraternity shield. I took that shield to Purmerend once, to a small shop where they were able - within out budget - to cut the wood into the shape of a tornado.”

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