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We keep you connected in times of corona

How do you stay in touch with one another and connected as a university community in times of crisis and enforced home-working? This is a question that is currently occupying many people, teams, associations and organizations - and one that challenges us to be creative, show perseverance and collaborate remotely. In this live blog we are gathering together all the sporting, creative, musical, social and other types of online initiatives at TU/e.

image Camiel Lintsen / Kade 05

Have you set up an online activity or campaign for (among others) members of the TU/e community that you would like to share with us? If so, send us all the info in a mail and we'd be happy to add your initiative to this page.

Student sports quiz | The Student Sports Centre is closed and group training indoors is not an option anyway. National student championships are missed as well. Unfortunate for sure, but there is solace: the student sports quiz. On Wednesday evening, May 27th, Studentensport Nederland together with Sportraad Utrecht and Utrecht-based volleyball association Van Slag organizes a national online quiz in which sports and student sports are the main topics. You can follow it live on YouTube from 20:00. Participating is free and your team can be five people max. The quiz is also open to non-students. Are you going to participate?



Team IGNITE | Maybe you still remember them from their light artwork Hypar on the Markt in Eindhoven during GLOW 2019. Currently they are trying to form a new team and for that reason they are organizing a digital brainstorm on May 27th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Would you like to participate in the brainstorm or maybe even become a member of Team IGNITE? Contact them via Instagram or Facebook.



MyFuture | Despite these strange times, it remains important to prepare for your career. The MyFuture portal can help you do that. You will find an overview of all planned activities that can help you shape your career. And the options are legion: a workshop on how to deal with finances in a student team? How do you defend a thesis? A(n online) company visit to your dream employer? The sky is the limit.




TU/e SkillsLab | Are you familiar with the TU/e SkillsLab? It offers you help to develop the right skills for your dream job. You can work on your goals through e-courses, personal coaching and workshops. For example, there is a choice of ‘presenting’ and ‘academic writing’, but you can also get help to prepare for a future job interview. All workshops are free for TU/e students and can now be followed online. So don't think ‘oh I'll fix that later, I have years ahead of me’. Unfortunately, developing skills does not happen overnight. So, are you up to follow a workshop? You can register online.



Recruitment student teams | Are you thinking about joining a student team to work on, for example, sustainable energy or drone applications? On May 7th from 12:30 to 13:30 PM, a collective recruitment event will be held by all TU/e student teams via a Discord chat. An event has been created on Facebook where you can find more information.


Harry Potter lecture | Harry Potter and the Magic of Imagination is the title of the popular Studium Generale lecture. When it was announced before the corona crisis, a lot of interest soon showed on Facebook. On May 13th at 8:00 PM, Hetty Zock, a professor of Psychology of Religion will analyze the enduring popularity of the Harry Potter universe, because good novels don't help us escape the world, but they help us live in it. The lecture will be broadcast online, which of course has the advantage that more interested people can join in digitally. The online platform will be announced as soon as possible, so keep an eye on the Facebook event or the Studium Generale website.



Keukenhof opens virtually | Keukenhof virtually opens its doors this year. The flower park in the province of South-Holland attracts more than a million visitors from all over the world every year. During the corona crisis that’s not possible of course but the flowers blossom anyway. So it would be a shame not to show all that beauty to the world. Go and visit online for free.




Anne Frank's video diary | How about Anne Frank's diary in fifteen online episodes? It is available on the YouTube channel of the Anne Frank House. A nice initiative for Rememberance Day (May 4th) and Liberation Day (May 5th) now that we cannot participate in any ceremonies collectively. In the online series, Anne Frank, played by Luna Cruz Perez, shares her life in the Secret Annex, as well as her thoughts and feelings. All characters, locations and happenings in the online series are based on the original diary.



King’s day is on(line) | Normally the Dutch go out on the 27th of April to celebrate the King’s birthday with parties, markets and activities everywhere. This year we obviously can’t. But what we can do is celebrate in our own house, room or garden. And sharing what we are doing with others, online. Bake something sweet, wear a crazy orange outfit, sing a song; you choose. Sign up at ‘Koningsdag Thuis’ (King’s day from home) with your event, choose a good cause as you’ll get a link for people to donate and go live on the 27th of April. Easy as that and safe, from your own home.


Coffee with InMotion | Team InMotion organizes online coffee talks to chat informally during times when it is more difficult to gather physically. Those coffee moments are organized through MS Teams and everyone can book one. “We are physically further apart during this quarantine, but that does not mean that it cannot be ‘gezellig’,” says InMotion’s marketing manager Laura Kemper. You can sign up online for a chat with one or more of the team members.


Online Check Your Match Event | Are you a freshman bachelor student at TU/e and still in doubt about the electives you want to take the coming years? Join the online Check Your Match Event on April 29th between 11:30 AM and 2:00 PM. Information about the electives will be available via Canvas prior to the event. During the event you can ask the representatives of specific electives questions via an MS Teams session. Interested? Register here.


VIRTUe live on Instagram | Every two weeks, team VIRTUe goes live on Instagram where a team member is interviewed about his or her expertise. This way you’ll stay informed of what the student team is up to and you can feel the vibe. The next interview will be live on April 24th from 2.30 PM on their Instagram account. Then you will learn more about building physics, systems and the energy side of VIRTUe. Would you like to become their next renewable energy system engineer or mechanical system engineer? Then this is your chance to ask the team some questions.


Students Against Corona Awards | KickoffEHV organizes the Students Against Corona Awards together with some other student business clubs from all over the Netherlands. A prize for the best student initiatives to fight (the impact of) corona. You will get help in the form of knowledge, a network, exposure and you can win a nice prize. The organization also offers workshops in collaboration with, among others, Tesla and Picnic to develop your idea even further. So, do you have a good idea and do you dare to represent Eindhoven?


Nutrition tips | From 8.00 PM on Wednesday April 22nd, you will find the first of a series of podcasts about nutrition on the YouTube channel of the Student Sports Centre (SSC). Yvonne de Kinkelder, nutrition coach at the SSC, offers sports card holders the opportunity to chat with her and ask questions about nutrition during the first podcast. After the podcast there will also be an opportunity for the sports card holders to suggest topics on the community page. The series will later also discuss how you can adjust your diet to these circumstances, how you now deal with snacking and there will be an episode focused on a vegetarian diet.


Office noise simulator | Do you already miss the typical office noises? Would you like to exchange your living room sounds for some printer sounds and chatting colleagues? This microsite with office noise comes to the rescue. You can turn it on in the background and even adjust the number of colleagues. Wouldn’t we all wish we could that in real life sometimes?


All tips for working from home in one list | Personnel & Organization has collected all the tips for remote workers and listed them in a special FAQ. How do you best organize your workplace? What is the easiest way to collaborate online? How do you stay physically and mentally fit? That and much more you can find here.


What does the corona crisis do to our psyche? | What happens to our psyche when we isolate ourselves socially? A question that the University of the Netherlands asked and had answered by professor Paul van Lange. He explains in four minutes on YouTube what the consequences are, because we are group animals after all, right? PS: this lecture is in Dutch. 


Free online first aid course | Now that it feels like the world has stopped turning for a bit, we are looking for other ways to spend our (free) time. The Red Cross is responded to this in a useful way by offering a free online first aid course. The goal is to get as many people as possible to participate and to spread this knowledge widely. With this course you can learn from your laptop or tablet how to provide first aid in common situations. Good to know: after completing, you will receive a digital certificate of participation, which is not the same as a first aid certificate that you receive when you have completed a regular course. For now, the course is only available in Dutch.


First online SG lecture via live stream | Wednesday April 22nd will be an exciting day for Studium Generale: for the first time they will live stream an online lecture, by philosopher Menno de Bree. You may feel that this time of isolation requires serious reflection on your life, your relationships and your career. Known for his somewhat pessimistic worldview, De Bree argues that this kind of thinking is difficult and not very productive - especially since you will find that the tips people give each other (like: focus on what you really want, live in the moment, be authentic et cetera) are 'complete nonsense'. In this first ever online SG lecture he will explain why. The live stream will start at 12:45 PM on Facebook and YouTube. You can watch this lecture for free.


IDFA movies for free | Finished Netflix? Or you’d like to watch something else? The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is online and offers a large part of the collection for free! With a range of more than 300 titles from various countries to choose from, you’ll be off the street for a while. Many films and documentaries are short (and you can even select them by length), so also a perfect snack in between studying. Our tips? Askoo and Cucli.


Podcast series Researching in Times of COVID-19 | In this new podcast series ‘Researching in Times of COVID-19’, TU/e science communication employee Barry Fitzgerald speaks with various TU/e researchers about the effects of COVID-19 on research and education. The first episode will be online from today, April 16th and the remaining episodes will be released on Friday, April 17th, Monday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 21st. You can find the podcasts on Castos, Spotify and iTunes.


Online Fit Break together with your colleagues | Now that we all work from home and some people may exercise less than they normally would, the Student Sports Centre (SSC) is busy creating a fun online program for everyone. One of the possibilities is to take part in the Fit Break. You will do some easy stretching exercises live with an instructor from the SSC. A pleasant and fun break while working from home, to keep the team feeling alive. Curious what it’s like? Watch the trailer online. You can schedule this Fit Break yourself by sending an email to Melissa Grunewald.


Home deco | How have you designed and decorated your workplace at home? Euflex Technificent is curious to find out - and might just pick you as their lucky winner who gets to pick up 'a nice gift' at their office (after the corona period). Check their Instagram and Facebook posts for details.

Music for self isolation | They're everywhere: playlists to get you through these times of self isolation. We'd like to point out two great playlists on Spotify: Music for Self-Isolation and TU/e’s most requested. The last list consists of request songs that were on radio.tue.nl. 


Corona-portal for expats | This portal provides expats with up to date info on corona. It also features tips for a social digital life.


See the world without leaving your home | Airlines around the world have grounded their flights. Countries have shut their borders, and ordered everyone indoors. The age of coronavirus has restricted our movement in every way, but it doesn't have to restrict our imagination. BBC provides you with ten 10 ways you can still see the world - all through the wonder of the webcam.


Social distancing festival | This is a site for celebrating art from all over the world, showcasing amazing talent, and coming together as a community at a time when we need it more than ever.


Podcast featuring cybersecurity-expert Ronald Prins | Will we all have a covid-app on our smartphones? And is Zoom secure, or isn't it? In this podcast, cybersecurity expoert Ronald Prins talks about these subjects, and much more. Mind you: it's in Dutch.

TU/e Honors Academy | Do you feel challenged by delivering excellent results, doing scientific research, solving societal problems or building a professional network during your bachelor program? Then joining the TU/e Honors Academy might be just the thing for you as of the start of your second bachelor year. Check the video below for more info, and make sure to join the upcoming online lunch meeting on Monday April 20, from 12.45 to 13.15. Check the online study guide for details.

TU/e Honors bachelor program in a nutshell

One minute tip #2 | Previously in this blog, we already introduced the 'One minute tip' by Studium Generale, that is hoping to keep you going and inspired in times of corona. In the second episode, SG program maker Esther van Kalken shares some of her online favorites: the interactive virtual tour Experience the Night Watch and the Rijksmuseum YouTube-series Is this Art?. Be sure to check it out and watch the video below.

SG One minute tip | The Rijksmuseum

SensUs | The Corona crisis more than anything else shows us the importance of knowing whether someone is healthy or diseased. The video below is a brief explanation about the SensUs Organization at TU/e, their role in biological sensing and why you might want to join the club.

Why YOU should join SensUs during the Corona crisis

Staying sane | Missed out on the previous online mindfulness sessions offered by TINT? Do not panic, you can check them out on YouTube from now on. Also on offer is a new blog by TINT life coach Laura Curta, 'A guide to staying sane', with tips for both your mental and physical health in times of corona quarantine. Click!


Online debating | Student debating assocation Chronos is steadfastly organising its weekly debate nights online. The club may still experiment with various other platforms, but has for now settled on using Discord for both their online debates and (BYOB) social drinks - every Monday, starting at 19:15. You can join the server at Discord; if you have any questions about or difficulty with this platform, you can always contact Chronos by email

Virtual garage tour |  Now that student team InMotion can't show you their garage in real life, they'll be showing it on a livestream. So: if you're interested in joining InMotion, in electric refueling or in racing cars (or if you are just incredibly bored right now ;-)), be sure to join team manager Laura for a tour around the garage on Thursday April 2, and ask any questions you might have. The virtual tour will start at 2 p.m. on Facebook, so grab a snack and make sure to tune in!

One minute tip | No workshops, lectures or other events on campus right now, but Studium Generale is still eager to bring you some fun, inspiration and possibly new insights. Just launched: their new series 'The one minute tip', kicked off by head of SG Lucas Asselbergs. Be sure to check the video below.

SG One minute tip | STRP festival online

Online case-study | Are you interested in what will be the first interactive, autonomous flying drone assistant for aid workers? You are now able to have a look insight the organization of student team Blue Jay from your own home. During this online case-study you will not only be working on a project that resembles the activities that Blue Jay is currently working on, but you will also get to know the team. It has always been a tradition to end the event with free pizza, but no worries: 'When the time is there to meet each other again, you will get that pizza from us!', Blue Jay promises. P.S. If you already know which subteam you are most interested in, drop them a line by email.

Free online newspapers and magazines | Such a nice gesture: TU/e students and employees can use https://www.pressreader.com/ for free - for three months! On this platform you can find só many (Dutch and international) newspapers and magazines. TU/e has started a trial at Pressreader for three months. All you have to do, is make sure you're connected to TU/e via VPN or proxy server and surf to pressreader.com. And than: you can totally lose yourself in uncountable magazines and newspapers. That should keep you going in times of isolation. 

Fit@Home | Live sports sessions on YouTube! The Student Sports Centre will provide you with this new future as of from today. And no, that's NOT an April Fool's joke! Think yoga, core training, BBB, HIIT, stretching, fitbreaks, and all together through YouTube. It feels almost like a normal group session - peer pressure included ;-) You can find the timetable for the coming days on the right. More info is on SSC's website. Stay fit and healthy!

Student Pub Quiz | The Student Pub Quiz at grand cafe De Zwarte Doos is back - but online! On Thursday night April 2 Facebook is your place to be, so grab a beer and some snacks, and join. 

The quiz, that will start at 8.30 p.m., will be in English; non-students are also more than welcome to join. Before we start, don't forget to download and print the answer form here (you will need seven in total, for seven rounds of quizzing). 

Healthy (home) workplace | TU/e's Occupational Health and Safety organization already revealed its five golden tips for working or studying from home. Physiotherapist Frits Niemans of the Student Sports Center also has some tips and tricks to share on how to work 'safely' from home; make sure to check out his video below.

Video | SSC Eindhoven

A Healthy (Home) Workplace | SSC Eindhoven

Video | SSC Eindhoven

Cooking with Daan the Calculus veteran | Like others, the bar committee of study association D.S.A. Pattern (Data Science) is busy developing online events. And they've already scored their first hit: Cooking with Daan. In other words, cooking with bar committee member Daan Vijselaar, otherwise known as the Calculus veteran. Wednesday April 1st starting at 18:00 the second episode will be streaming live on Twitch. Tune in and watch Daan cook a delicious meal and explain how he does it.

Liberation | Keep an eye on the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) of Liberation 040 in the coming days. The organizers of this Eindhoven-based liberation festival are challenging all Eindhoven residents to contribute to a new creative project. As the organizers say, in these times of corona crisis our freedom is diminished yet 2020 (75 years after the Liberation of the Netherlands) is precisely the year in which we should be celebrating freedom. And so they are making this appeal: visualize your idea of freedom on a piece of A4 and send in your contribution. Click here for more info. 

Crochet | Always wanted to learn how to crochet, but never found the time for it? Now might just be your chance - and GEWIS fraternity Défi has got you covered with a fast and easy mini workshop on Instagram. For those not having a crochet-hook for grabs: no sweat, Dispuut Défi member Jealy is more than happy to learn you how to finger crochet too!

Famelab | The FameLab TU/e Heat 2020 willl go digital and take place as an online event. During this heat on Thursday night April 2nd, eleven young TU/e researchers will present a three minute pitch about a research topic of their choice. The two Eindhoven winnerr will go on to represent TU/e at the national final of FameLab, which is due to take place on Wednesday 13 May in Utrecht (subject to the lockdown situation in the Netherlands). The winner of the Dutch FameLab competition will then go on to represent the Netherlands at the international final that is due to take place at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June 2020.

Click here for the names of the eleven TU/e researchers taking part and keep an eye on the same website for updates on the TU/e Heat.

Moral support video | Nicole Ummelen, vice-president of TU/e's Executive Board, is so proud of our entire university in these trying times! To emphasize her gratitude and proud she and her sons produced a video message for all of you. "I'm impressed with all the initiatives everyone has taken. There's is some much positive energy going around. We are building communities in high speed here. It's incredible what everyone is doing." 

You can watch the entire video below.

(PS: You may notice some people are less than 1,5 meters apart in this video. This is because the footage was shot before the social distancing rules were introduced.)

Message by Nicole Ummelen, vice-president of the TU/e Board

#SpaceConnectsUs | Living in quarantine narrows down our world. It might be nice to experience how big our world still is. You can do so tonight by looking up into the sky at 8.39 PM sharp. When the sky is clear, you can see international space station ISS floating in space. 

Let the professionals inspire you how to survive quarantine. On Thursday March 26th Dutch astronaut André Kuipers shares his story on a livestream. He knows the drill when it comes to living in quarantine, since he lived in ISS for over 200 days. The livestream starts at 4 PM. Kuipers isn't the only astronaut to share his story; European Space Agency ESA has several astronauts lined up for the online event #SpaceConnectsUs


CANS exercises | Working from home isn't always the best idea for your body. Since we have no choice right now, TU/e's Occupational Health and Safety organization is helping us out with easy exercises. Be sure to listen to the signals your body is giving you, prevent complaints in arms, neck and shoulders (acronym CANS) as well as (lower) back problems. Get moving!

NOS in English | Since last week, a group of students at Utrecht University College has been working hard to translate the news published by the NOS, we just read on the DUB website. This way, they want to keep their fellow students updated on the progress and details of the corona crisis. Their Facebook page NOS in English meets a need - and not just on their own campus. Sharing is caring, folks!

Daily Défi Dare | We are suckers for a good alliteration, so Défi had us at the title... ;-) Défi has started the Daily Défi Dares on their Instagram. Not just for their members, no it's open for everyone who could do with a creative break. They started slowly with an easy challenge: coloring a mandala. Fun fact: they don't want you to color in between the lines if you don't want to, since 'outside the box' is their motto.


Intermate games | Study association Intermate is also keeping its members sweet in the coming weeks with a palette of online activities. Discord is the place to be for, say, a game of Minecraft, for jointly solving the daily crossword in the NRC newspaper or simply having a bit of a chat. Also on the agenda in the weeks to come (for anyone still seeking inspiration their own association or student house): an evening of Scribble.io and Jackbox Games, a two-against-two League of Legends tournament, a pub quiz and a film night, with ‘Frozen 2’ on the movie program.

Beachready with Lucid | Have you been wandering the internet to get the perfect workout? Stop looking! Study association Lucid of Industrial Design has the workout for you, inspired by the 80s and yoga with puppies. The first episode of the LucidQuarantineWorkout is a beginners workout; next week Lucid will continue with a medium level workout. P.S. Share your workout on Instagram, tag @svidlucid and they'll be happy to repost your blood, sweat and tears in their feed.

GEWIS quiz | Everyone is welcome to take part in the first online pub quiz hosted by study association GEWIS on Monday evening, March 23rd - and so far that's more than 170 people! You can take part in groups (whose members can discuss with one another online. Beware! Crime doesn't pay: looking up answers on internet is strictly forbidden!); answers must be submitted online as well. Quizmaster Rick Wouters will guide you through the evening. Click here for more info and to sign up. The quiz starts at 20:00 hrs.

Online debating | Student debating assocation Chronos is going to host their debate nights remotely on Mixidea. The first edition will be on Monday March 23, you can join on Mixidea. Via that link, you can also indicate your attendance. Gathering at 19:15, start at 19:30. For questions or more details check with Chronos on Facebook or Instagram.

In the meantime, the rest of the European debating community hasn't sat still either: the Berlin Debating Union is organising the first fully-fledged debating tournament online on April 4 and 5. Participation is 5 euros per person; all proceeds will be donated to charity. Details can be found here.


HelloDoc free medical advice | International students may experience difficulties in finding a general practitioner or coming into contact with their general practice because of the waiting time caused by the corona virus. Expats and international students can make use of online help at https://hellodoc.nl/, for free! They can help find a general practitioner and give medical advice. If your GP or local health provider is not available to take your questions regarding coronavirus, register online and speak to one of our multi-lingual doctors.

Virtual museum tours | Google Arts provides free virtual tours in 500 musea from all over the globe. The Guggenheim in New York? Check! The Amsterdam Van Goghmuseum? Yes! The British Museum? Naturally! Just browse and let your mind wander. 

Watch The PhD Movies for free | We LOVE this gesture, made by Jorge Cham, creator of the PhD Comics. They don’t just produce the comics, but have also made two movies: the PhD Movies. And now they are free to watch for all of us via http://phdcomics.com/.

The films take a smart and humorous look at the world of Academia through the eyes of four grad students, and features real academics (including several MacArthur Geniuses and a Nobel Prize winner!) in many of the roles. So, are you in need of some distraction? Feeling stressed out and need a good laugh - and someone who understands how you feel? Grab that popcorn and enjoy the show.

Headspace | Not feeling in the mood for energetic exercise? Is what you need right now a calm mind? Then you might like to install the meditation app Headspace. The collection named 'Weathering the storm' offers plenty of sleep exercises and guided meditation for different moods in times of corona crisis.

Keep moving | The Physiotherapy team at Fontys Paramedical University of Applied Sciences is keen, with education and other work now largely organized remotely, to help everyone keep moving. This video offers an extensive collage of exercises that you can do in and around your home. Go get 'em, tigers!

Ready2Help | Would you be willing to help in an emergency situation? If so, sign up now with Ready2Help, a citizen's aid network set up by the Dutch Red Cross. You will be called upon as soon as your help is needed. And especially now, in times of the corona crisis, the network is very busy!

Quiz time | Feel like giving your brain an extra good workout? There were plenty of chances for this on Facebook on the evening of Friday March 20th. Our trawl revealed, among others, the Wizziq Quiz, the Quiz Dine Wine and the Live Pub Quiz. In the coming period there will likely be more quizzing to be found on these channels, so if this is your thing, add them to your favorites!

Free e-books | Hallo keen e-book reader! Could you do with a couple more free titles for your e-reader? Here on this site you can legally download some sixty thousand (!) free books. Very many of them are in English, but other languages are also available.


Fusion Experience day | TU/e's Master programme on Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is hosting an online information event for interested students on Thursday March 26th. The Fusion Experience Day is an online session. In this online session you will find out what our master's program in nuclear fusion is all about. The curriculum will be discussed, internships and graduation projects are touched upon, and you will get acquainted with lecturers and students. Here's the link for the Fusion Experience Day, which will be held in Zoom. Would you would like to learn more about our master's? Click!  


Cook with us | 'Cook, Chat and Connect' is a new online activity offered by TINT that aims to bring some good vibes to rooms where a little loneliness may have crept in. This is TINT's familiar Friday lunch - hosted by life coach and university chaplain Rachelle van Andel - but rejigged for the digital world. Every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15 hrs Rachelle and a guest share a new, easy recipe, and you can watch and join in the cooking via Zoom. On the menu for Friday March 20th we have the vegan burger with an Indian twist, plus a vegetarian rice dish courtesy of the show's first guest Hemant. Check out Facebook for the ingredients you'll need to find in your cupboards or pick up in advance. 

Movies at home | Sure, this activity is a little less social, but if you need to retreat now and again, try this: at the moment various platforms are opening the doors of their virtual movie theaters so that those of us cloistered at home can watch movies for free. Cinetree is one such platform and it is offering ‘hopeful movie titles’, like Life Animated, La vita è bella and C’est ça l’amour. Likewise, starting today the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is offering some three hundred documentaries that can be watched free online, click here.

GEWIScord | Study association GEWIS at Mathematics and Computer Science is currently without its home, its bar and its lovely roof terrace in MetaForum. To make the lack of a physical hangout a little more bearable, GEWIS has set up a digital replica in Discord, appropriately dubbed GEWIScord. Here, members can keep up with their board or committee work online, prop up the virtual bar (while pouring themselves a beer at home, of course) or play a game. Other digital activities are in the pipeline.

Discord drinks at Protagoras | Thursday is drinks day at TU/e! Since no live drinks are possible right now, study association Protagoras (Biomedical Engineering) is taking it online via Discord. Members can log in on InVivOnline for a 'quarantine beer'.

TGI Friday | Right now we are skyping like crazy just trying to stay abreast what our fellow students or colleagues are doing; the online team meetings are stacking up. The purely social aspect of having colleagues is something that often slips our mind. But here's a tip, picked up at the Communication Expertise Center: arrange a good old TGI Friday and raise a glass together, face-to-face on Skype, remotely.


PSV | Soccer fans must be having a tough time right now, what with so many matches currently suspended, including all First Division matches. To boost the morale of fans, PSV and its partners at Brainport Eindhoven have set up an online platform on which the club plans to share extra content in the coming period. 'To entertain, but also to inspire. #PSVwestandtogether, now more than ever.'

Workout @ home | The instructors at Student Sports Centre Eindhoven want to keep you all fit, so they've made some sports videos that help you to workout from home. On their YouTube Channel they'll regularly post new videos. There are three videos online right now: upper body, lower body and core exercises.

The SSCe would love it if you share pictures / clips of you doing a workout via our Instagram (@ssceindhoven) to inspire each other to keep on moving! So now there is no excuse anymore: you can all workout from home! Go, go, go! :-)

Podcast Radio 4 Brainport | International students talk on Radio 4 Brainport about what effect the coronacrisis has on them - in reaction to the earlier broadcasted interview with TU/e rector Frank Baaijens. You can listen to the podcast here.

Pitchers as a reward for good deeds | Students' hockey association Don Quishoot is calling upon its members to help out other people in these times of corona. And the reward for those good deeds: beer pitchers (naturally filled to the brim) - of course to be claimed when the crisis is over. They're asking their members to post a picture of the good deed on facebook or instagram and to tag Don Quishoot. We hope they can help a lot of people!

Mindfulness breaks | TINT and Enter the Now will bring you an online version of the Mindfulness Breaks so you can keep meditating in group but in your own home. Since good vibes are what everyone needs to live through this necessary quarantine, the Mindfulness Breaks will happen 3 times a week!!!
Join us Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during lunchtime (12:40-13:20) for a short mediation via Zoom.
The meditation sessions will be guided by Enter the Now or by TINT Life Coach, Margit van Tuijl, to inspire you for productive study time and a life focused in the present moment. Students & Staff are welcome alike. No registration needed, just join us. 

Online chess tournament Pattern | Data Science Association Pattern is setting up an online chess tournament tonight (Wednesday March 18th, 7 PM), since everyone might be bored at home and the weekly drinks are cancelled the Den Bosch! So it is time to release the stress of your online mid term exam. 
The exact tournament set up will be decided on the amount of people that sign up. For now we will use https://lichess.org/ as online platform. 
So hit that sign up button fast to kill the boredomness. Make sure to install discord and join our channel: https://discord.gg/7pAxU4.

Students' help wanted | Groep-één|ESR Student fraction of the University Council, urges Eindhoven's student to help out in any way they can, to get through this crisis together. TU/e has cancelled education this week, and all social events are cancelled for the coming month, you probably have some extra time on your hands, and might even get a little bit bored. Students from Amsterdam started an initiative where students from all over the Netherlands can volunteer to relieve pressure on people in critical positions. You can help schools, neighbours, nurses, teachers, police agents, firemen, truck drivers or any other people in several ways to keep our society running. You could for example watch their kids, support their education, do some groceries or any other things that need to be done. You can sign up with this (Dutch) Google Form to help out wherever you can.

Wanted | Team CASA is looking for new people, but their upcoming 'interest day' will definitely not be a classic event. On Wednesday March 25, the team will be having its interest day on Instagram, with a general presentation in the morning through their stories and a Q&A for the rest of the day. If you're interested, make sure to join!


Kick-off TU/e Contest | Thursday 19th, the TU/e Contest Kick-off will take place! Due to the recent Corona developments the Kick-off will be a virtual event. The Kick-off will take place via a live stream on facebook and on TUeContest.nl. All teams and companies will present themselves by creating a short video. These videos will be placed on the website. Tune in and join the kick-off online.

Debating | The Eindhoven student debating society Chronos is also now exploring what is possible in the realm of remote events, for example via the online debating platform Mixidea. More information will follow, but in the meantime anyone who wants to make their interest known or who has questions or ideas can get in touch with Chronos by email.

Good morning | Sharing good vibes in times of crisis and quarantine. That's the goal of TINT with its online initiative 'Good Morning Eindhoven', every Wednesday morning starting at 09.00. Join via Zoom (still in your pyjamas if you want, with a cup of coffee or tea at hand) for some inspiring chatting and sharing with other participants, a TINT life coach and student chaplain Rachelle van Andel. Check TINT's Instagram account for more info. 

Gaming | If there's one group that's already used to meeting likeminded souls online, it's the Eindhoven eSports association Zephyr. Interested gamers are warmly invited to join in via their channel on the gamers' platform Discord.

Werewolves and role-play | Like others, the board and role-play association Knights of the Kitchen Table has been forced to close its kitchen doors and seek online alternatives. Thus, both members and non-members can join in a game of 'Werewolves' via Telegram (for more info you can send a mail). Similarly, the next role-play evening on April 1st (no, that's not a joke) has been replaced by an online version, and this too is open to non-members. So for anyone who has always wanted to walk in another person's shoes, this is your chance! The evening starts at 19:15 hrs; for more information please contact the Knights, or sign up here.

Crazy Quaran-nineteen | This event is only for members of study association Van der Waals (Applied Physics) unfortunately. But other people may find it inspiring so we are happy to give it a mention here. Nineteen is the number of assignments given to participants in this version of Crazy-88 for them to get their proverbial teeth into from March 18th through 24th in the comfort of their own homes. The study association is already pondering its next online activities, board member Lieke Ruijs informs us. 

TU/e radio | Boosting the community spirit. This is the main aim of the people who set up TU/e Community Radio, which hit the airwaves on Tuesday March 17th. The aim is to broadcast a daily program from 14:30 to 17:30 hrs, with an evening repeat. Got any questions, like to help out, make a news item of your own, or whatever? If so, get in touch with the producers via the website.

Chess | Are you a fan of mind games, but currently without opponents to pit yourself against? If so, this online TU/e chess community may interest you. The group is open to everyone.

Zumba | How can you avoid getting completely out of shape when your usual sports training is canceled? One thing you could do is join the online Zumba lessons run by Student Sports Centre instructor Jaya Vittal. Follow her on Instagram to stay abreast of her sporting online plans. To quote Jaya: 'Stop worrying and be an optimist!'.

Home concerts | 'We are homebound, but not without a sound'. Get to know the brand new Facebook channel Quarantine Concerts NL, where musicians from all over the world share their home performances with you - sometimes via a live stream. Let yourself be transported briefly to a concert hall or theater while seated in your recliner. 

Welcome! | Here on this page we aim to gather together all the online community initiatives being set up right now and currently running. If you have any additions or ideas, be sure to mail us; we aim to update this page regularly.

Internationals | Are you an international student at TU/e and are you looking for information or contact with others? If so, the 'TU/e International Student Community' on Facebook is the place for you. Within this closed group, internationals swap experience and send questions and answers back and forth - and certainly in times of crisis and 'far from home' this just might be a really nice place to hang out.

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