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Social associations are doing their bit for corona campaign

The social associations E.S.C, SSRE and Demos will be making young people aware of their responsibilities during this corona crisis. Their members will be putting up some two hundred posters in TU/e buildings and in student houses. This initiative is in line with the national campaign ‘Daar doe ik het voor’ ('This is why I'm doing it'). Executive Board President Robert-Jan Smits and students Nikola Penev and Roxane Wijnen (representatives of Compositum and study association federation FSE) put up the first poster on Wednesday morning, in Atlas.

photo Bart van Overbeeke

The posters show Eindhoven students telling fellow students and other young people why they are sticking to the corona rules. Compositum board president Nikola Penev says, “Although many students take their responsibility, in our view the corona awareness among students and other young people may grow quite a bit. With this campaign we hope to make it clear that adhering to the rules is very important for everyone, including young people".

Executive Board President Robert-Jan Smits says he greatly values the campaign the student associations are running. “It is great to see that students are taking their responsibility. And it is important that they give this signal to their fellow students and other young people, because only by pulling together will we get the virus under control.”

In touch

Eindhoven Mayor John Jorritsma also commends the initiative. “These young people of Eindhoven are showing that they are certainly in touch with what this is all about: acting together for each other's benefit. And most of them do not even come from Eindhoven, yet they are putting into practice that which is in our city's DNA: cooperation.“

The poster campaign is, as said above, the initiative of the three Eindhoven social associations, but they are acting, they feel, with the support of the study associations. On behalf of the Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven (FSE,) Roxane Wijnen (in the middle of the photo) was among those who gathered on Wednesday morning to make the symbolic gesture of putting up the first poster.

The Eindhoven-based initiative is part of a national campaign in which the Dutch student associations are making a concerted effort. The national campaign kick-off took place today in The Hague. The three Eindhoven-based associations are also flying a large flag on the facades of their association buildings in Eindhoven's city center.

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