Occupations at universities by climate activists

This morning, climate activists occupied a hall in Utrecht University. They announced that occupations or protests will take place this week at six other institutions as well.

photo scientist rebelion


The Rotterdam climate activists were removed Tuesday evening, reports news platform Erasmus Magazine (only in Dutch). Most left the building voluntarily. Twelve of them were towed away by police officers.

The climate activists of End Fossil: Occupy came to the hall in the Minnaertgebouw of Utrecht University this morning. They are giving workshops there and are demanding that the universities break all ties with the fossil fuel industry.

The international Scientist Rebellion movement is organising protests in more than 25 countries under the title of The Science is Clear. That will happen in the next few days in Delft, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Wageningen and Velp, according to a press release.

Workshops will be given there too, hopefully without interrupting the lectures. Additionally, Scientist Rebellion has launched a petition about mandatory climate-related instruction for all students.


The week of protests began last Sunday in Amsterdam, when more than 100 scientists and musicians demonstrated together in favour of a more equitable climate policy. The ‘Science and Music Climate March’ proceeded from Dam Square, past the Trippenhuis – headquarters of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences KNAW – and ended at the NEMO Science Museum.

Protesting scientists and classical musicians go well together, in the view of oboist Anna Marieke Zijlstra, a member of XR musicians. “Neither group is renowned for its activism. By marching together on the street we want to emphasise how serious the situation is.”


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