Students and institutions offer support after Morocco earthquake

The estimated death toll of the earthquake in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains now stands at three thousand. Many people are still missing. Students across the Netherlands have launched fundraising activities in response to the tragedy. Aid workers from all over the world have flocked to Morocco to search for the missing and to rescue those trapped under the rubble. Fundraising campaigns are also gaining momentum throughout the Netherlands.

photo Naeblys / iStock

Many Dutch higher education institutions are taking action to help staff and students who have been directly affected. This includes organising meetings and offering psychological support. The Executive Board of TU/e sent around an email to the university community last week, stating that it is looking for ways to help those directly or indirectly affected. It also pointed out to students and staff that they can always turn to academic advisors or managers for support.

Initiatives are also being launched by students themselves. Erasmus Magazine reports that Rotterdam Islamic student association IQRA has joined forces to raise funds with Avicenna, a multicultural association for medical students.


The earthquake is having a devastating impact on many Morroccan students. NRC reports  that students at two halls of residence in Marrakech lost a total of 37 family members between them. The city’s Cadi Ayyad University has postponed all of its entrance exams until further notice.


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