CLMN | Different, but the same


A long gone classmate one day texted me and asked me how life is in the Netherlands as a foreigner, and what is it like to work in a multi-cultural space. I looked around my desk and became fascinatingly aware of the people around me. I share my office-space with Dutch, Persian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Indian people.

As I work with them on a daily basis, I forget to remind myself how different we are from one another. Time and time again we have moments of miscommunication. I blame that on the language; English not being our first language. But a majority of our time is spent on embracing the unity our differences bring into our office. We make jokes about each other’s funny accents, about our cultures, about the music we listen to and about the way we think and function.

We are all worlds apart. Before arriving here, we barely had any experience with interacting with people from foreign lands. Rather than tearing us apart, our differences bring us together. When I am in the office, I feel like the three year old who has no clue of what races or countries are. That three year old only knows that there are people on a mysterious planet called Earth and that people come in different colors, shapes and sizes without any kind of labels on nationality or race. There are only two kinds of people in the world for that three year old; good and bad.  

I wish the entire world would turn into a place like my office space.   

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