Do you want to play?


There I am. With a spring in my step, I climb the stairs to TU/e innovation Space. After two left turns I arrive at my regular place of work. What’s the planning for today? I have no idea.

Actually, there’s no real reason for me to be here anymore. I quit working as team lead for student team IGNITE months ago, and my ID project hasn’t developed far enough yet for me to start working on a prototype. And yet, I’m here every day, week after week. The reason is obvious to me.

Like all students, I’m required to read a great deal of literature and to meet deadlines. However, the spot I claim for myself in the general prototype room is far from ideal if you truly want to concentrate. This isn’t the first time that it feels as if I’m being attacked by a drone here. It’s usually late in the morning when I have my first chat to find out how the development of the drone is coming along. With some luck, I might be able to lend a helping hand and be promoted to drone engineer before the morning is over.

That chat, over a 50-cent cup of coffee, quickly turns into a variety of business ideas that we jokingly exchange. Ranging from 3D-printred jewelry for doctors in the shape of the organs that they specialized in, to rather concrete hydrogen-based solutions to facilitate the energy transition. Every time it’s a mix of good and bad ideas. I then spend my entire afternoon trying to find out whether there’s such a thing as a market for necklaces with organ-shaped hangers. I realize that the market is flooded already with heart-shaped necklaces, obviously, but what about a kidney or an appendix?

Somehow it feels as if this day has derailed somewhat, again. But I’m glad it did, because today I did something that most students at our university miss out on: the opportunity to play. I worked on a drone and fantasized over a future career as an organ jeweler. There’s something about innoSpace that almost always puts me in that playful mood. I sometimes walk around the library in MetaForum, for my own amusement, simply to look at all the students seated in rows deep underground where they may or may not have lost that playful character. I leave it up to you to answer that question; my day is over. Do you want to play? Now you know where to find me!

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