CLMN | (Inter)national engineer


“I am an international student. I do not smoke or drink. I don’t have any fascination for music nor do I go to pubs. I do not sleep around either. Yes, we exist!” At least, “we exist” is a fact.

Every now and then you see something on media which reflects super curiosity about internationals. That includes diving into drinking habits and even peeking into sex lives.

Being a child of an American dad and Pakistani mom, I am actually puzzled where I stand. But for those interested in anything and everything personal including so-called horizontal happenings of others, here is some food for thought.

I am an engineer and a very technical one. Naturally I’m bad at flirting and stuff. So, I shall keep staring at you at a convenient angle until you marry me! Having said that, that’s me: an engineer and a lone wolf. How do you generalize that over all internationals, a certain country or a community?

Perhaps, those are more of engineer/non-engineer things rather than national/international stuff. And I am all for integration. We don’t want to discriminate internationals, and have them feel different. Because, hither and thither, an engineer is an engineer everywhere. That is what makes things like ‘Hug an engineer’ day equally popular all across the globe.

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