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Common room, uncommon people


I never thought I could feel so at home when I was so far away from home, but when entering the Common Room, I just felt like I belonged. The student association found in there is called Cosmos, but the real stars are its members!

In a room filled with people with such different backgrounds and beliefs, would you expect to fit in? “All the fingers in your hand are different from each other, but only when they come together can they form a fist.” I believe this is the ideology behind Cosmos, and every interdisciplinary/ international association.

I still remember my first interaction with the association, I had walked into the Common Room by suggestion from a friend, and as I entered I was introduced to about five different people. Each of them came from places I hadn’t even heard of before, but it was all positive energy while getting to know each other and the place we originated from.

I am aware that a lot is going on around us, and it might be more logical to speak on current events in the university and the country as a whole. However, in my opinion, this association deserves more praise. The majority of TU/e’s students have lost their normal way of life, from being quarantined/ isolated, but Cosmos works towards maintaining some sense of normalcy with events that allow the members to feel less alone (while abiding by the law).

On Fridays, there is a bar com which sets up borrels online, for students to maintain contact with each other, and have something to look forward to every week. The association is also planning a Netflix party, to compensate for their usual movie nights. The members also become well-acquainted with each other through these events, and ensure that the others are safe. The association as a whole gives students a sense of belonging and security which, quite frankly, I’ve never found anywhere else.

All in all, I would definitely recommend students to join the association, get acquainted with the members, and join in on the events to get through these trying times!

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