My country is dying…


At the time I’m writing this column, there have been over 18 million cases and over 200 thousand deaths in my home country India. There are over 350 thousand new cases per day. People are getting infected faster than they are being cured. The healthcare system is unable to keep up with the demand and its worsening because of the rapid infection rate. Even when the infected are taken into the hospital, there is a shortage of oxygen.

One month ago the Indian government thought they had seen the worst of the virus and were in the end game. As a result of this complacency, the general populous became less wary of the virus, and began taking it easy.

Naturally, with a population density as large as India’s, this has led to a massive spike in cases. For comparison, the daily increase in cases is upwards to 350 thousand, while at its peak in the United States there were roughly 200 thousand new cases per day.

The number of cases is increasing faster than people are being cured, so the active cases are increasing on a daily basis. Which increases the load on the already overworked hospitals and healthcare facilities. Within the past week, I’ve seen countless people crying out for oxygen for the hospitals in India on twitter. It saddens me that all I can do is retweet and hope for my birth country.

I’m sure most people are wondering ‘what has caused this second wave to break out?’. News outlets indicate that within the past few weeks, the government became complacent and the people followed suit. There were a number of political rallies and religious gatherings where the COVID guidelines weren’t met with lack of social distancing and masks.

Recently, the restrictions in The Netherlands have been eased, and I hope that the people of The Netherlands stay vigilant!

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