A Two Speed University


Usually when constructing infrastructure or any kind of road, special attention needs to be paid in order to avoid conflicts between vehicles. This is done either by setting a common limit in terms of speed or just by banning a certain type of vehicle outright. The result? A cohesive, relatively conflict and frustration free environment for all those involved, where the rules and the understanding thereof is universal.

The TU/e, much like other universities I assume, is unfortunately not such a place that operates without hiccups. With on one hand the eager student motorcyclist speeding ahead rashly and the steady staff pick up truck, the differences are clear. The students are nimble, quicker to react and arrive faster at their destination while staff is considerate of the longer term and, unsurprisingly, drives safer.

Unable to speak for the staff side of things, I can say that from the student side, when an action is underway, there is an expectation of action as soon as the problem pops up or at least while we are still at the university. I Acknowledge that this can be considered optimistic or even seen as rushing things but the truth is, students lives and our time at university is only so long. In some cases a student might never even get to see even the beginning of their problems or frustrations being resolved. 

I suppose that the answer to this would lie somewhere in the middle, where I hope that some students won’t have to wait 6 months for a meeting to get things done and staff won’t be expected to give feedback on a 20 page document by tomorrow. But anyways, that’s a change and a hope that I don’t expect to see happen in my see in my student time.

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