In a galaxy not so far away


With the Lego movie 2 impending and some sprinkled Star Wars childhood memories, let me tell you about the struggle to get things out of my head and into the real world.

When we were children, we had the most vivid imaginations which enabled us to play on for hours in in our rooms without ever feeling the need to call out our parents. As a child, I really loved my Lego Star Wars set with which I could imagine countless battles and scenarios which would always amaze my parents: every character down to the most insignificant storm trooper had a name or a role to play in my story. Creativity spilled into other aspects of my life later on like my study where I continuously try to come up with unconventional solutions, the metaphors that I use in my columns or even on how I perceive things.

The true beauty, in my opinion, of all those battles was that they only existed in my mind, infinite and never conflicting, there was always a way to start at it again or replay the scenario to make it even cooler. Reality though, is not like this and you only have one shot to get it to be as good as it can be before everything becomes immovable, as if my Lego set was glued together, forced into a final scenario. For my imaginative and escapist mind, this has been one of my greatest fears: the impossibility to take things back.

This leaves you however with the impossibility to get on with anything: if things only exist in your mind, they might as well not exist at all. That is why I have lately found some comfort in gluing my Legos together, the finality thereof and the absence of doubt thereafter leaving behind what really matters: taking that creativity and turning it into reality.  Whether it is just a farfetched scenario or story, the only way that you can find out is by putting the pieces together and once you do, you may find out that maybe that galaxy was not so far away after all.

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