Waiting on the wine


‘Keeping this bottled up inside never helped anyone’, is a saying you hear often. And allthough you might say that the longer you wait the better and more expensive a wine becomes, you can’t enjoy it if it’s still in the bottle, now can you? So then the trick becomes finding a trade-off between quenching your thirst and letting this special nectar mature to perfection.

Drinking it too early will make for a disappointing experience. You’ll basically be drinking grape juice without the kick you’re looking for, or worse, if there is some alcohol in it, it would taste like something you could barely sell in a prison. If you wait too long, you risk your wine spoiling into vinegar and burning your palate once you open the bottle.

Problems, I now understand, are much like wine: the more you drink, the less you have. On a more philosophical (and sober) note though, mentioning your problems to someone too soon before they have been properly formulated might accidently poison someone. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, if you let them leave festering for too long, it might become unbearable both for you and the person that you have them with.

So again, it’s all about hitting that sweet spot where you can find understanding but also resolve things in a meaningful way. Anyways, if you’re going to spill some wine, you might as well open a real bottle on top of the metaphorical one.

P.S.: In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious in this column, I have a serious gap in my knowledge about how wine is made and instead of googling it, I just kept to the metaphor I had. :-)

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