Dream Job


A letter to myself. After months of job-hunting, countless resumes and interviews, and countless cups of coffee in between, you finally did it. You got the job you've been wanting for so long. It's an incredible feeling to finally have that dream becoming a reality – all the hard work and dedication has paid off!

Now that the intensity of the job application season is over, you can actually stop and appreciate what this new opportunity will bring. Think back: why did you apply to this job in the first place? Was it because it was something closer to your ideal career path? Was it because of the people that work there? Or maybe because of the unique challenges it presented? Whatever your reasons may be, keep them close and use them as motivation in moving forward with your newfound success.

But don't forget about all the lessons learned during this journey too. Appreciate how far you’ve come since starting out – remember each application as another steppingstone along this winding path. Cherish all those tiny victories like finally getting that invitation for an interview or even just being able to send out perfect cover letters after hours of practice (because practice makes perfect!). All these achievements show how much growth you’ve experienced throughout this chapter and how ready you are to start something new.

Take a moment to reflect on what’s been accomplished, savour its sweetness, then get ready to begin your next project with passion and enthusiasm. Congratulations again on reaching a great milestone; here’s wishing you lots of luck on your exciting new journey!

As of the 1st of February, I started a new position that I’ve been ever so eager to start. I contacted the company after meeting two representatives at the Wervingsdagen event in Vertigo last November thinking that it might be a long shot. A shot I wanted to take anyway.

The days leading up to the start of my new job were filled with excitement and anticipation – especially on the night before my first day when I was lying in bed unable to sleep due to sheer excitement. Those feelings are ones that will stay with me forever.

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